40 Quotes on Love of God

40 Quotes on Love of God

More than 75% of people on this planet believe in God and everyone has different religions and different gods. Everyone is closely connected with their god and religion. Because every religion guides them the way of living but it has different in different religions. Most of the time we see that a person who very much believes in God keeps a positive mindset.

But sometimes people get wandered from their way. So if you are get wandered from your way or want to know more about God's love so today I am going to tell you the quotes on love of God and also some inspirational quotes on God. These quotes will also help you to get inspiration for God.

Quotes on Love of God

1. Don't get hopeless in hard times as these are from God, he loves you and wants to make you stronger through these problems.

2. No one can understand and feel your pain, it is just you and God who can feel it.

3. God loves you as he has given you this life and you can never repay this favor to god.

4. Just obey god, he will always keep you in his shine.

5. God always protects you from the dark as he loves you but if you have decided your own to go in the dark, so he will not stop you.

6. You can't compare God's love with anyone in the world because his love is limitless.

7. If you face any problem in your life then don't think that God doesn't love you, he just tests you.

8. A person can love you to fulfill his means but God won't, his love is always real.

9. God will love it if you bring happiness in anyone's life, and in return, he will also give you happiness.

10. You can't even imagine how much God can love you but it is up to you, if you deserve it, you will get it.

11. If you will forward one step towards God, then God will forward ten steps towards you as he loves you more.

12. If you ask heartedly something from God, he will give you if you deserve it.

13. God has given you this life but the control of it he has given to you, therefore, you should respect his this decision and love.

14. God doesn't have your need but despite this, he gives you everything that you deserve in the world, and thus he shows his love.

15. We know everything is created by God but he put the humans in the highest category, by this you can know, how much he loves you.

16. God's love is like space, to which we can never measure or fill.

Quotes on Love of God

40 Quotes on Love of God

17. God loves you more than your real parents.

18. If you believe in God you will feel fear before doing bad things and perhaps you step back yourself, this is all because of his love.

19. Perhaps you may be unable to understand the way God loves you because his way of love is not like humans.

20. God is always around you, you just need to feel him and his love.

21. Just respect God's decision that he has taken for you because he loves you and knows better what is good and bad for you.

22. If you even think that how God loves us, then see the people around you, who love you (means your parents, family, and friends).

23. God always has an eye on you so don't do such things by which he has to stop to love you.

24. If you treat all creation of God with kindness and love, he will also treat you with love.

25. Many times when the devil tries to harm you, God protects you from him.

26. Your enemies may try to hurt you, to harm you, and falling to down but if you are right, he will not let this happen.

27. God sent you in this world to spread love, to help people, and to make the world more beautiful, but if you don't do so, you can lose God's love.

28. There will be many ups and downs in your life, that all will be from God because he loves you and wants to prepare you for every situation.

29. God gives you everything but despite this, if you don't follow him, perhaps he will not harm you but if you follow him he will give you a lot of his love.

Inspirational Quotes of God

30. Everyone's judgment can be unfavorable for you but God's can't.

31. Life is the best gift that has been gifted to you by God but now it depends on you in which way you live your life.

32. When you have to face a lot of struggles in your life, do not think that God does not love you, rather it means that he has written something big in your life.

33. When you keep a lot of patience and after that, when God gives you more than your expectations, means he is giving you the result of your patience.

34. The whole universe can't be a creation of a human it's only God who can do this.

35. You get your whole body in the abdomen of your mother but he is only God who put a beautiful soul in it.

36. No one can see God in this world but don't think that it is our bad luck because when he will want to show himself, you can see him.

37. Many places look like heaven and this is all gifted to us by God.

38. God gave you this beautiful life to live beautifully.

39. Don't expect only the good things from the god because if he gives you, your favorable side of the coin then you also have to accept the other side of that coin.

40. You can escape from everyone in the world but can never escape from God.

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