Funny Quotes for Best Friend

Funny Best Friend Quotes

Everyone makes many friends in their life but there are only one or a few friends who are called best friends. A best friend is the only person on which we can easily trust and trust is the main root of any relationship. So if there are enough trust and understanding in your friendship it means you are best friends and enjoying your friendship. So friends, today I am going to tell you short cute, and funny best friend quotes to highlight the importance of the best friend.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

1. Your best friend can reach you to your goal.

A best friend is like a mentor in life. You can freely ask anything your best friend he will never deny answering you. And if your friendship is real then your best friend will help you to reach your goal.

2. If you want to be a good person, never cheat your best friend. 

If you want to be a good person, if you want that people appreciate you then you should always be loyal to your best friend. Because loyalty and honesty show a person's character and nature. No one will come to help you if you cheat your best friend.

3. People may hold your hand in happiness only but your best friend will hold your hand in every step of life.

Perhaps you would have many friends with whom you hang out and spend your time. And would also have a best friend with whom you share your everything of life. But everyone will not be with you when you will struggle in your life, only your best friend can hold your hand in this situation.

4. The best friend is the only person with whom you can feel most comfortable. 

We spend our time with our family, friends and many people. And perhaps the way of your talking and your behavior will be different for everyone because many people hesitate to talk freely with their family members and others. But there would only one person in your life with whom you can talk as you want, you will not need to think before talking to him. And that's why everyone feels most comfortable with his best friend.

5. In doing any work, the decision of you and your best friend will be the same.

It means that when you and your best friend decide to hang out somewhere and to visit anywhere then most of the times, the decision of you and your best friend is the same and if both of yours decision doesn't match, then your best friend obeys your decision.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

6. Your best friend will never say to you how much he loves you.

There are many ways to express love and if you love someone then you can directly say it to her. But you can't say it to your best friend because in this relationship love does not express in words. It is very difficult to say to your best friend how much you love him.

7. The best friend is the one who cares about his friend, without pretending.

If you have friends who help and care about you just to pretend you, so they can not be your best friend, perhaps they are with you just to fulfill their mean. Because a best friend never pretends like this. He always cares about his friend without any means.

8. A best friend teases his best friend, just to show his love.

Small resentments and fighting are always going on between two best friends. This mainly happens when one person teases his best friend with different things. But his intention is never to hurt his friend's feelings rather he just tries to enjoy with him.

9. My best friend chose the same subject to laugh together in class.

When we completed our high school education then I and my best friend chose a stream. We chose the same stream and subject because we want to sit together and want to laugh together in the classroom. Those were the best memories of our friendship.

10. A best friend is the only person who will not mind your abuse.

Though it depends on your nature that how do you behave with a person. But you can talk in any manner to your best friend, even he won't mind any abuse. Because he knows that you abuse him just to show your love.

11. Whenever I get sorrow he helps me to laugh.

I don't like to do anything in the situation when I become sad for some reason. And my best friend also doesn't like me to see in this situation. He tries a lot to get me to laugh and most of the time he becomes successful in it. And I also do the same while he gets sad.


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