How To Improve And Make Yourself Better?

How To Improve Yourself

How to Improve Yourself?

As you know that we do many things in our daily life and we do all types of work like some important work, good things and also bad things. But as time keeps passing we are not understanding that we are improving ourselves or not.

Friends if you are also in this trouble then I am going to tell you the ways by which you can improve yourself and you can able to know that you are improving yourself or not. Therefore today's topic is how to improve yourself.

To improve yourself, you have to make an analysis chart on the basis of your overall performance of one week. You should make it weekly but if you don't have enough time then you can also make it monthly. But the weekly analysis chart will be more beneficial so that you can get a complete idea that you are actually improving yourself or not.

Ways of Improving Yourself

1. Make a List of Daily Works: -

Everyone does many works in their daily routine. Some of which are those work that we do daily or that are important for us. For example: Going to School or College. And some are those which we don't do daily, which means some household work. But today I am talking about the works that are very important for you or that will reach you to your goal.

So you have to make a list of those works. Write down all your important tasks and rank them according to their importance, you can also write their points. Now make a promise to yourself that until all tasks written in the list will be completed, I won't sleep. After completing all the tasks or before going to sleep, now give an overall percentage to yourself based on task points.

So, friends, this is just an example for you that how to make this chart. Make this chart according to you and just try to keep your percentage maximum so it will be a sign for you that you are improving yourself.

2. Learn New Things: -

If you have limited knowledge of anything then you can only achieve limited things in your life. So to see positive and good changes in yourself you have to start to learn new things daily. And as a saying goes “The day you didn't learn any new thing, that day has ruined”. So despite work with limited things, it is much better to experience and learn new things and apply them in your life.

Learning new things doesn't exactly mean that you should learn a new language or read a whole book in a day. Rather if you learn even a little thing then it's enough for one day.

To learn new things you can read books that you like more, you can learn new words and you can also learn those things that help you to reach your goal, etc. You should also add this task to your do-to list. So that it would become easy for you to complete this task.

3. Divide Goals into Levels: -

Everyone has some dreams in their life. It can be one big dream that he / she wants to achieve or it can also be more than one. No matter how big your goal is, you should always focus to achieve your goal. But if you trying hard and not reaching your goal for a long period of time so you may become demotivate and stop trying to complete your goal. And perhaps after some time, you get back to your work but by doing so again and again, a lot of time of your life can be wasted. As we know everyone has a limited time of their life that's why if you don't want to waste your precious time so you have to divide your dream into small levels.

For example:-  If you have to reach a place that is far away from you. So, to reach that place to have to cross many places in the journey. Like this, you can take these places as levels. So when more and more levels you will reach you will get an idea that you are reaching your dream.

4. Give Reward & Punishment:-

Making a do-to list and just completing the tasks is not enough. Because if any day you haven't completed your all tasks then what will you do. Because neither you are doing these works under anyone's pressure and nor it matters to anyone that you complete your task or not. Therefore it can be a big problem for you.

To get rid of this, you have to make a rule of reward and punishment for yourself. Means that if you complete all your task and get 95% percent mark or more then you can give a reward to yourself, such as eating food in a restaurant which you love.

But if any day you didn't complete your all tasks and did not get at least 50%, then you should punish yourself. For example, You will not touch your phone for a day. Although it would be a little bit hard for you. But don't forget that it's the matter of your future.

5. Do Weekly / Monthly Analysis:-

After following all these things now you have to make a weekly (recommended) or monthly analysis of your performance. So that based on your weekly performance you will be able to know that you are improving yourself or not. But if you are not getting the results that you should.

This means you are making a mistake somewhere or you are not doing your all tasks with full devotion and dedication. If you want to see an improvement in yourself you have to change yourself and have to stay tuned on your commitment.

Improve Yourself

And after doing all those works, now you have to do the last work that is a very important part of today's topic is that before going to bed you have to remember your whole day and give points to yourself based on your whole day activities.

Means gives points to yourself on both categories of work on good things and bad things and then try to improve it by doing it regularly if you want to improve yourself.

Friends, always keep this important thing in your mind that if you do not see any change in yourself by doing this then don't worry. Just keep doing this for a few weeks and try to improve your performance every week. If you do this regularly you will surely see a positive change in yourself.

In last I just want to say that,

“A sensible person is improving his life and whoever doesn't do, means that he is not living his life in the right way”.

Work Hard And Be Positive


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